Market Research Data Analysis and Zoom PowerPoint Presentation


I created the following technical report slidedeck and a slimmed down version for a live presentation (see Zoom recording below) as part of a ‘Communicating Data Results’ class from my Master of Applied Data Science program at the University of Michigan. We were tasked with finding and presenting data to evaluate the prospects of two different counties for a fictional chicken sandwhich franchise based on a series of success indicators provided to us for the assignment:

  • Household income above the national median
  • Younger population with room for continued growth
  • Strong dining out culture
  • Conservative culture
  • Car culture (as opposed to reliance on public transportation)
  • Location near a highway and other upscale fast food

Technical Report Slidedeck

The report slidedeck (what the screenshot above is from) can be found at

Version for Live Presentation

A slimmed down version of the technical report slideck was created for the live Zoom presentation given below: